Why Register to visit this website?

That's a fair question and here's a rough breakdown:

  1. You're not required to register to use any aspect of this website including looking at images, searching, commenting, sharing, signing the guest book, purchasing, etcetera.

    1. ​However, if spammers go crazy and start messing with comments or guest book entries, we may require folks to register to post comments. That's not the intent nor in the plans but it's always a possibility, however remote.

  2. Saving Favorites: Registered Guests can save images into a favorites folder for later reference. Favorites can be handy to save if you're looking at several images to compare, or you might want to try your hand at compiling a custom product and need more time. Sure, you can save a favorite without being registered but then those favorites are lost when you leave the website. The choice is yours.

  3. Easier Access to Friends-Family-Client Galleries: That's right, if you register then maintaining access controls is easier for you and easier for me. Again the choice is yours, there's no strict requirement but if sometime in the future it's necessary I'll let you know.

  4. Save Your Shopping Cart: Registered Guests can save items added to a shopping cart until you complete the purchase or empty your cart. This can be handy if you're doing some shopping and want to run something by your significant other before completing the purchase.

  5. Sharing Your Favorites and Shopping Cart: Registered Guests can share their favorites with me (the photographer) or other friends via email. This can be helpful if you and I are collaborating on a custom display product or working together on a limited edition product.

  6. Store Billing and Shipping Information: Registered Guests can manage their shipping and billing information for use later.

  7. Notification of Special Deals and Discounts: There are times when the labs I use run special limited time offers and when that happens I can pass them on to you with a quick email blast to Registered Guests. I can also pass along any specials of my own I might be running or if there is some new content that I think you should know about. If you're not a Registered Guest it's impossible for me to pass that information along in advance of you placing an order.

  8. Privacy: Number 7 above brings up an important topic - Privacy.

    1. If you're registered I don't sell or distribute your email in any way to anyone.

    2. I won't pepper you with a barrage of email blasts. There's a reason for that and it boils down to the fact I hate getting too many things like that myself and there are better things we can all be doing with our time than reading and writing email.

    3. I do have access to your basic contact email address and that's it. Any details you saved within your Registered Guest account I don't have access to. 

    4. When you place an order I never see the payment method (charge card number). That's a secure online transaction between you and the service provider Zenfolio using industry standard encryption common for these sorts of payments. 

    5. When you place an order I do see the shipping information which is included in the order form. I also see all the information related to the product(s) you're ordering.

    6. To ensure you receive only the highest quality product I personally review all orders before they're fulfilled. Orders are typically reviewed the same day but if there's anything that I feel needs attention that will delay your order you'll be promptly notified. Things I look for are cropping and position of an item and I review the image resolution to make sure it's suitable for your chosen product. It also gives me an opportunity to apply any special discount codes you may have forgotten about as described in item (7) above :D

That about sums it up.

Thanks for visiting!