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Select imagery from a river cruise trip through Germany on the Main River, November 2013

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won am with blue eyes and mink coat with hoodFrankfurtSkylineMainRiverFrankfurtSkyline1Rothenburg GermanyFortress Marienberg On The MainWertheim On The MainBamberg GermanyFortress Marienberg in the town of Wurzburg Germany at night in the winterFrankfurt On The MainFortress Marienberg and Würzburg Käppele at nightWertheim winter flowerbaroque pipe organWürzburg Käppele at night in Wurzburg Germanycorner turret and castle wallupper portion of a frankfurt office tower, germanyArchitectural Detail of the Frankfurt Opera Housefrosty block and tackleGothic Pipe OrganMedieval TimepieceAlien Trees