About Artwork Sales and Licensing

If you ever have any questions about the artwork here please just shoot me an email and ask! I'm only too happy to help when it comes to helping you choose just the right print size, print type, cropping, or specialty product! Use the Contact Link in the About menu in the top left corner to get started.

Open Series:

An open series simply means that there's no limit to how many times an image can be printed and sizes are limited to a maximum of 10"x10". Every image you see in a gallery is part of an open series and orders are fulfilled through this website.  Have a question? Use the Contact form in the About section of the website and let's chat! I personally review every online order before it's processed to ensure your image and product looks perfect before it goes to print and is shipped.

Signature Series:

This is where the lions share of my print requests come in, and the one's I'm truly excited about!
Signature Series pieces are limited numbered editions. When you buy one you're getting something truly special and customized for your space. How many in an edition depends on the image, but NOT on the size. If there's 10 in an edition (and it varies with the image) then that's it - there's only 10 made regardless of size or type of finished piece (acrylic, metal, etc.). I always reserve an artists proof for myself in addition to the numbered pieces in the series.
The quantity of a Signature Series piece is set based on the image - not - on it's size. Together we'll pick a size and start talking price. The final price is based on the type of piece you'd like and how many are left in that limited edition series.

The type of piece are we creating will also affect final price. I generally create special high definition metal prints (which are truly HD amazing!), canvas, or acrylic with metallic paper. However, custom orders are welcome, encouraged, and frankly my favorite! Different types of finished pieces have different costs.

When in doubt - email me! I'm more than happy to chat with you about any of this or help you select an image or product. I'm happy you're eager to place one of my Signature Series pieces in your home or office and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you! Signature Series pieces are items I am personally involved in every step of the way which I sign and you receive with a personalized certificate of authenticity and come with a life time warranty which I personally back.

Copyright, Licensing, Digital Downloads, Sharing:

The images on this website are copyrighted by me – Brian M. Huculak – and all rights are reserved.  If you want to use one of my images I appreciate that and I'm happy to discuss the specific licensing and what costs might be associated with that. Drop me an email to get started with as many specifics as you know such as size, intended use such as print, web, tv, etc.. Creativity and creative content is copyright and is a business so unless you have a written release from me - then a product using one my images isn't licensed and that's a no-no. The 'huc' swoosh logo you see on the website, and often on finished custom pieces, is a registered trademark and is diligently enforced.
With that being said, there are two common conditions I'd like to address:
  1. Digital Downloads: Images can be purchased as a digital download. That digital download has a specific personal use only/not for profit license attached to it which you must agree to before downloading the image. Digital downloads are limited to resolutions of 1 megapixel (which is enough for you to print a 4x6 image or use as a desktop picture on your computer) 3megapixels and up to 5 megapixels. The end user agreement PROHIBITS distribution or sale of the digital downloads - please read that end user agreement carefully as part of your purchase process.
  2. Sharing on social media sites like FaceBook and Twitter or by email: I welcome and encourage sharing previews and links to the images you see here! That's word of mouth advertising which is the best thing out there. Every image has a share button and various social media buttons. Simply click the button of your choice and follow the screen instructions and thanks for sharing my website, galleries, and images with others in this fashion!
If there's anything I've missed or if you still have a question just shoot me an email using the Contact link in the About menu at the top left of your screen. I truly appreciate you stopping by and checking out my artwork and thanks for visiting!
Brian Huculak