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About huc

Every Picture Tells a Story .: People .: Places .: Things :.

While my formal background is a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, that traditional design skill set has served me well as a foundation for other, related, pursuits. Photography in particular has been a passion since I was a young boy. Over the years I’ve been able to marry my professional applied art design background, love for travel and adventure, and fine-art processes with my passion for fine-art photography.

My basic approach has always been Every Picture Tells A Story. What that story is varies with the emotions, knowledge, and experiences unique to each of us at any given moment. That applies both to when the image is captured and when it’s viewed. In fact the same scene can often tell a different story each time it’s viewed by the same person. Aren’t our imaginations and memories wonderful things!

I try to capture images that are as much about what I feel, or imagine, as what I see through the lens. The stories each image tells matures, and sometimes changes, as it evolves in post-production. That post production journey is always an adventure and often takes me places I never envisioned when originally shooting a scene.

I'm Brian Huculak: Known to many simply as 'huc'. I hope my take on things might give you pause to laugh, cry, wonder, or ponder. What story will these images tell you? What stories will they make you want to tell?

Drop me an email to learn more or just to say hello and chat. I do my best to reply reasonably quickly but clearly sometimes that’s not possible due to volume of email or other commitments. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.

Cheers huc

Brian Huculak

PS: Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, I’m a Canadian citizen now living with my lovely wife Paula in Arvada, Colorado. I had a Green Card... but ironically it wasn't green... hmm. I wonder why that is and what it means? These days I enjoy the status of citizen in two fine North American countries.

A shout out and heart felt "Thank You" to:

My family, and particularly my parents John (1933-1998) & Kathleen. You've given me more than you know and I'm grateful for the support, encouragement, and opportunities you've given me through the years.

My friends, many of you were an integral part of the travels and adventures where some of these images were taken. Those friendships have lead to telling great stores and for that I can't thank you enough.

Most importantly to my charming wife and love of my life, Paula.

You're a constant source of support, encouragement, inspiration, and love without which none of this is possible nor matters. I look forward to a great many more years of being together, sharing the journey, and capturing images and telling stories that will outlast us both.

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